Equipment parts dealers offer heavy machinery parts and heavy equipments used parts to contractors in the marine, farming, construction and forestry sectors. The dealers also service many industrial sectors. The inventory they stock is either reconditioned, used or new.

All heavy machinery and equipment operates with an expected life cycle. When the heavy machinery and equipment comes to the end of its functional life, it’s taken out of service. Though the machine doesn’t operate as a unit, many of its parts are still functional. Contractors search for these parts for their equipment and machinery the keep in their yards and at the job site. Equipment parts dealers provide and deliver these parts on demand.

Caterpillar part number search

Everything may be going along smoothly on a job site when suddenly a tractor hose may spring a leak, a cylinder breaks on a front-end loader or a gear tooth breaks on a hauling truck’s transmission. Equipment parts dealers inventory is computerized and a quick phone call can resolve the problem.

The contractor needs to contact the equipment parts dealer and give the Caterpillar part description from the equipment they are using. The equipment parts dealer will conduct a Caterpillar part number search and pull the part from their inventory. Inventory is not just limited to Caterpillar parts. Most heavy equipment and machinery parts dealers carry all major manufacturers, such as;

Buy, replace or reconditioned

Contractors that have a fleet of construction equipment and machinery will one day decide what to do with their equipment and machinery when it stops functioning. Do they keep replacing parts to keep it running? Should they buy reconditioned equipment and overhauled parts or scrap the disabled equipment and invest in new equipment or machinery?

If equipment or machinery breaks down on the job site, the only choice is to replace the part and getting the equipment or machinery operating to complete the job. But if a contractor’s equipment fleet is aging, they need to conduct a financial analysis. A financial analysis determines whether reconditioning equipment or purchasing new equipment makes economic sense.

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