Where to Find the Best Caterpillar Dealer in Miami



Caterpillar, commonly referred to as Cat, has many distributors all over. Caterpillars perform heavy duty work and finding the genuine parts is essential for good performance. Most of these heavy equipments parts distributors offer legit products, but the best move would be to find a dealer who can provide the Cat parts when needed,and conveniently. In Miami, Florida, some Cat parts distributors are genuine and offer a good deal. When finding the best dealer we basically consider the price, quality, client service and value for our money. You can consult a local Caterpillar parts expert, but since they may not have the information, the internet can be a better choice.

Genuine distributors

From the few distributors available, there are some worth mentioning. Pantropic Power is an authorized company of genuine Cat parts for sale. They provide equipment, rental, repair and maintenance services. They are available 24 hours in case of an emergency where you can pick the parts at their distribution location or have them delivered. They have a website for more information and ordering online is possible at any time of day. They offer good pricing, good quality and a one year warranty. On the other hand, Kelly Tractor provides agricultural equipment, drilling equipment, heavy equipment, cranes and rental services. They sell both new and used Cat parts. Their website also contains comprehensive information on what equipment they provide. Other distributors include:
• Costex Equipment Parts
• Miami Equipment and Export Company
• Growers Equipment Co
• Florida Engine and Machinery.
• Buying Cat parts


In most occasions we opt for new parts considering they will work efficiently without a problem. However, affordability can sometimes be an issue. Cat part distributors aim to provide their services for the convenience of the client. The dealers also offer used Cat parts for sale. The parts are still in great condition and perform efficiently. The used parts are cheaper than the new Cat parts. In the case where the Caterpillar equipment is to be used for a short period, the distributors also rent out equipment at fair charges. Finding a good caterpillar part in Miami, Fl is an easy task to do, and you can retain the supplier you choose for future Cat needs.

photo credit: Worcester Sand and Gravel (91) via photopin (license)