Many construction companies are always looking to get parts for their equipment and machinery. When looking to get parts from various vendors construction companies will want to consider getting their parts from Caterpillar. This company offers a wide range of heavy equipment used parts for sale. As a result it is one of the top vendors to go to when looking for a number of different parts for your construction equipment. When looking to get parts from this distributor you will want to consider your options in terms of types of parts and price. By going over this criteria you will have the information you need in order to get the right parts for your equipment.


When shopping for equipment parts from a heavy equipment parts distributor, you will first want to consider the types of parts that are available. The parts you can get from Caterpillar include exchange parts, used parts and also tools. Therefore construction companies will have a number of options to choose from when looking to get the parts they need for their machinery and equipment.

• Tools & other equipment

While getting parts is the most common option companies choose, one of the more beneficial items you can get is tools. With tools you will have a number of items you can use in order to more easily run the equipment. You will also have the means to fix it as well. Therefore tools is one of the most valuable items you can get when looking to get heavy equipment parts from Caterpillar.

Exchange Parts

The type of parts that are purchased the most frequently are exchange parts. These are parts that are simply installed into the equipment and are used to operate it. The parts you will usually get include accumulators, hydraulic cylinders, pump drives, rod packs, and fan drives. With these parts you will have a number of high quality items to help you get the most out of your equipment.

• Used Parts

Construction companies can also get used parts which allow them to get items that are cheaper and therefore save them a lot of money. The used parts are tested and inspected quite a bit to make sure that they work properly. This is yet another option a business can choose from when looking to buy parts for their equipment.


When a company decides to get a specific part they will want to know how they can purchase it. The first thing you will want to do is conduct a caterpillar part search. This search will enable a company to efficiently locate what they want to purchase and then select it for the order form. They will then just need to pay for it at checkout. Therefore this process is quite simple.

photo credit: CAT Dozer chain 2 via photopin (license)