Caterpillar is the world’s leading distributor for heavy equipment and engines. The company was established in the year 1925 following a merger between C.L. Best Tractor Company and Holt manufacturing Company. Caterpillar is first when it comes to sale of construction machinery. They basically have every kind of equipment that would be required to achieve construction efficiency. You can basically get Caterpillar equipment and parts everywhere you are. CAT Company utilizes dealers that are licensed to sell Caterpillar parts in various regions of the world. They even make it easy for you to get their parts by offering financial services. In so doing, they make it possible to acquire their parts even when you do not have the whole purchase amount. Additionally, if you are working with a budget, you can always get used machines and machine parts.

Why Caterpillar is best for the Job

• Ease of use
CAT machines are pretty easy to use and operate. This is a vital aspect of any construction equipment. Cat machines are made such that they are easy to manipulate and adjust in order to get the job done.

• Productivity
CAT equipment are made such that they enhance optimal performance during construction functions. CAT utilizes powerful engines in all their machines. This allows them to carry out strenuous construction tasks without straining. Additionally, they utilize the technologies that help reduce the amount of energy required for the machines to perform.

• Availability of Parts
You will always find a cat parts dealer near you. This way, you don’t have to be inconvenienced by the long wait of parts shipping from CAT’s headquarters. Additionally, you can choose from either the new or used CAT parts market depending on your budget.


When purchasing CAT equipment and parts, caution should be taken so that you do not end up purchasing fake items. Through a caterpillar part search online on the various CAT part dealers websites, you will be easily to get the parts that you want, whether new or used. Also, always make sure that the heavy equipment inventory maintained by various dealers are genuine. You can do so by checking the CAT seal on the various machines or parts. Also, great caution should be taken when purchasing CAT parts from the aftermarket. Always ensure that used parts or equipment had good maintenance from their former owner.

photo credit: IMG_8764 via photopin (license)