If you are in the construction industry, the first best thing you ever did for your company is purchasing CAT machinery. I need not say of all the benefits that you get by having CAT equipment. CAT maintains partnership with you from the time you buy equipment to the time their lifespan expires. Therefore, they ensure that you always have access to their parts. This is by partnering with dealers near you. If you are in Miami and would like to buy used CAT parts, you came to the right place. We are a certified dealer for the distribution of CAT used parts. We stock with us, a variety of used cat parts that are still in shape. This enables you to save money.

Benefits of Purchasing Used CAT Parts

• Affordability
Compared to new parts, used parts are relatively cheaper. At a lower cost, you will be in a position to get you machinery back up and running. Also, since used heavy machinery parts are cheaper, you can buy extra just in case your machine needs this parts replaced again.

• Faster order processing
Orders on used machine parts will normally take a shorter time than new parts. Therefore, you will wait less for your machine parts to arrive. This means that your machine will not be out of operation for long.

• Quality
Used CAT parts have a higher quality compared to aftermarket parts. This is because, this parts have to be genuine CST parts. Also, they have to be refurbished according to the guidelines provided by CAT. This way, you are guaranteed of standard equipment parts.

How to Buy Online

If you would like to buy our used Catapillar parts online, the process is pretty easy. First, you will have to log into our website. Secondly, you should go used CAT parts search. Here you will be required to enter the type and model of machinery that you are buying used parts for. Also, you will be asked to fill in the caterpillar part numbers. After you completing this step, an advice will appear informing you if we have the part that you want available with us. If so, you will click on the item and add it to your shopping cart. Click to checkout, fill in your personal information for shipping and billing and you are done.

photo credit: CAT 740B via photopin (license)