When looking for heavy equipment to purchase, you should always go with Caterpillar. Here is the reason why- Caterpillar equipment are made in a way that their parts can easily be disassembled and rebuilt. The advantage of this is that you will not need to replace your machinery every now then. by rebuilding your ,machinery, you are saved of the machinery replacement cost. Additionally, you get an extended service life from your machines. Therefore, when your CAT machine breaks down and needs repairs, it is always important to compare the option of rebuilding rather than replacing the whole thing.

The Re-building Process

• Inspection
The first step to rebuilding catipillar parts is inspection and evaluation. This step is aimed at coming up with a re-building plan. Also, it helps the service provider to come with a cost estimate, preparing you so that you are not overburdened by costs.

• Dis-assembly
The second step is the disassociation of all parts. The various caterpillar parts are inspected and those that cannot be reused or do not follow the guidelines provided by Caterpillar, are replaced with new CAT heavy machinery parts.

• Improvements
Reconditioning of the machine systems is done. Also, updates are conducted on the engine. This helps to resume systems and the engine to optimal performance.

• Reassembly
After everything has been worked on, it is now time to re-assemble using the new parts. This process is done after checking your caterpillar part numbers and replacing them with the exact same ones.

• Testing
Lastly, the service provider will conduct some performance testing to ensure that your machines runs as per the guidelines of CAT.

Getting the right Caterpillar Rebuild Contractor

When taking your machine for a re-build, ensure that your contractor is licensed by CAT. This will to some extent assure you of quality services. Also, ensure that they offer certified rebuilds. With this kind of certification, you are guaranteed of a total dis-assembly and rebuild of your machinery, such that it almost looks and functions like new. Additionally, you will get a warranty, similar to that of a new machine. Importantly, ensure that you contract a reputable company. Listen to other people who have previously worked with the CAT dealer and what they have to say. Lastly, ensure that the company has some experience working as a CAT parts re-build company. it is through experience that quality is enhanced.

photo credit: Cat 320CL Backhoe via photopin (license)