Caterpillar has been around since 1925, and they are the leaders in equipment and parts wholesale/retail industry. Their reputation is so amazing that many heavy equipments parts distributors and retailers always do business with them. These businesses know that their success is mainly due to this organization. And furthermore, Caterpillar specializes in superior products, and they have new and used Cat parts for sale. As a matter of fact, various types of warranties are even offered for all their products and equipment. Additionally, there is a Cat dealership that’s located throughout the country, and thus there is one near you.

What to Expect from Caterpillar

There are a lot to expect from Caterpillar- the list of offerings are so extensive that it can’t be listed here. Caterpillar has an enormous array of products that include attachments, heavy equipment parts, service support, and parts availability. With that said, the waiting time for products are minimal. They have quick delivery, and you can order products and get service anytime online. There website is Also, you can get reference material, remanufactured parts, and classic parts just to mention a few.

  • Superior products and services- in addition to all that’s already mentioned, you can also get information on maintenance and repair parts for engines and machines.
  • Convenience and Warranties- convenience is already expressed with the 24/7 service, online ordering, and other offers. However, this company also has warranties in just about all their products, but the warranties vary due to the equipment and parts, and if those products are new, used, or remanufactured.
  • 24/7 Customer Service- always ready to assist their customers.


Cat is your one stop place for all your equipment and parts’ needs. You can manage an entire fleet, or just a few heavy machines– it doesn’t matter because Cat has you covered. And with them being in business since 1925, they know all the ins and outs of their industry. They have rave reviews from their customers who always do business with them. They know they can always count on Cat, and you can too. With them, your machines will keep running, productive operations will continue, and the business will remain profitable. In some cases, profits will increase when changing over to Cat. There is no one better or as good as Cat, and there’s always a Cat distributer near you.

photo credit: Cat via photopin (license)