Caterpillar parts are always readily available from a variety of distributers. Caterpillar parts include Loaders, Motor Graders, Backhoes, Excavators and much more. For example, the 345-BL Excavator was produced in 1999 in Minnesota. The BL Excavator is still available can be easily ordered and viewed on line.

There are also a number of dealer- manufacturers that can be located on line that sell a variety of both new and rebuilt caterpillar parts. The heavy equipment parts such as Loaders and Motor Graders can be ordered new or refurbished. In addition, these heavy parts can be shipped from one location to another almost anywhere within the United States.

Advantages of Caterpillar Parts

Parts for caterpillar are always guaranteed for both fit and function properties. Commonly sold parts include:

  • Batteries
  • Belts/ Fluids valves
  • Radiators
  • Strong fuel Injectors
  • Turbo Chargers & Other Parts

Parts such as turbo chargers and pumps are also available and are stocked according to location and brand. Therefore, if you are in need of a new or rebuilt pump, make certain you have all the necessary information including theĀ caterpillar part numbers.

The special part numbers quickly identify the product or part you need. These numbers also help the warehouse to quickly locate your product with literally no problem. Part numbers usually consist of a five to seven digit number followed by one or two letters. These special identifying numbers may change from time to time but for the most part they remain consistent.

Readily Available Parts

The availability of caterpillar parts make it so very easy for the contractor to obtain just about any needed part or equipment. Parts can be ordered by phone or Internet and delivery is normally within 24-48 hours. Caterpillar parts are so very important especially when it involves high tech construction or excavation.

Excavation requires important planning and of course the proper machinery and tools are required to complete the job. Therefore, it may even be a good idea to purchase additional parts in case of loss or damage. Keep in mind, most parts can be purchased as new or refurbished. Some of the reconditioned parts are good as new.

photo credit: CAT D6H 2 via photopin (license)