There is no question about it: Caterpillar Products are simply the best in the machine industry today. You can find virtually any Caterpillar part that you need, at a reasonable cost. But in all honesty, not every business professional are willing to pay for our machine parts, perhaps they are a bit too expensive for their company budget or they simply do not want to pay the kind of money we ask for our products. Then what?

Taking A Closer Look

You can order used heavy equipment parts for sale. These parts may be used, but they are not used up; they are still in excellent working order, it’s just that others may be looking for machine parts for a cheaper or reasonable price, and that’s ok with us. We’re here to do everything that is reasonably possible to satisfy our customers. This is why we have a heavy equipment parts distributor, who is more than willing to help you, the consumer, to get the best out of your money for less-much less. He wants to keep you another one of our many, many happy customers, and if selling good-quality machine parts is what it takes to do that, well, then, fine.Our machine parts are unique in that they:

  • Have a special number on their parts for easy identification
  • Have loyal, committed salespersons who care about the needs of the clients

Have a 24-hour service, CATS PARTSTORE, to make sure that whatever machine parts the client wants, our people are always available to make sure they get what they want, when they want it.


We realize the old business adage: The customer is always right. And we want to keep it that way, be making sure that our customers have the best products available, and at a reasonably low price, but still quality. So, why not go online to our CAT PARTSTORE to find out about the kind of machine parts we have available and to pick which ones you need for your project or job, and one of our people will be at your site quickly to make sure you get the part for the job you need done and to do it quick. The construction and farming industry is a booming, fast-moving one, it has no time to waste and it needs the right kinds of parts for the right kind of job, and we’re happy to be the kind of people who can fulfill that need.

photo credit: IMG_0205 via photopin (license)