Caterpillar construction is a corporation that is based in America that has been around for over 85 years. It designs, manufactures heavy industrial equipment and sells machines, engines, financial products and insurance to clients all over the world. When looking for the best manufacturers of construction and mining equipment Caterpillar construction has proven to be the best. Caterpillar equipment dealers are in over 180 countries. They have played a vital role in ensuring that the cooperation has remained relevant over the years by providing the best expertise and enhance all aspects of the operation so that one can work faster and efficiently. They offer a variety of caterpillar attachments to increase the equipment’s flexibility as it helps you spare a dollar by not buying a new machine. Some of the dealers always go a long way in providing the needed help right at your doorstep.

Having trouble identifying caterpillar part?

Dealers, customers, and employees need a good caterpillar part number search engine. There are various ways through which the part number search can be made possible:
•Use of PDF of the one safe catalogue. The list is most comprehensive, but it contains the best information.
•Use of records, datasheets from parts and service area section.
• Use of SIS .which is commonly used

The service Information System (SIS) is a service tool that is relied on to give information on the parts and service information needs. The information contained in it dates back from 1977 to present. The information provided is on breakdowns and parts identification, special instructions, engine news, operation and maintenance instructions, disassembly and assembly instructions among others. The only thing required is to log into a part store, click parts that will link you to SIS. The SIS contains, 17000 publications, over 2 million graphics, more than 1.5 million part numbers and over 44,000 parts and service documents hence meeting tone’s needed requirement.


Caterpillar construction rebuilds surplus heavy equipment, hence offering the customers another buying option. They buy the equipment with the intention of rebuilding, and this gives the customers an option to choose between the used and the new equipment. The rebuilt machines come with favorable prices in comparison to the new equipment. They sell parts that are used to service the old equipment to give them a new and fresh look and optimise its efficiency.

photo credit: DSC06969 via photopin (license)