Caterpillar is the world’s leading company in the production of heavy equipment. The company thrives for its ability to maintain a myriad of suppliers all over the world. Currently, CAT has dealers established in over 200 countries of the world. This helps to bring their products closer to the end consumers. This is to both reduce the costs incurred in shipping of heavy equipment and heavy equipment spare parts to the consumers. Also, it helps to significantly lower the lead time. The reason as to why so many dealers agree to partner with CAT is because of how this company makes the dealership. They extend financial services to dealers who would like to supply CAT parts but do not have adequate funds. In so doing, they are able to empower many people to deal with their products.

Benefits of Caterpillar Products

The reason why CAT suppliers are winning Miami is because of the many benefits that CAT products bring to the table. Some of this benefits include:

• Availability of CAT Parts
CAT parts are easily available. There being so many Caterpillar parts dealer, chances are that you will not have to travel far to get the parts that you need. Additionally, if the local Miami suppliers do not have the parts in stock, you can always search the caterpillar part numbers online and get what you need.

• Durability
Another reason for the popularity of Caterpillar suppliers in Miami is due to the reputation of CAT. They have built themselves quite a name as being the leading company in offering durable products.

• Aftermarket products
Don’t have enough money to purchase new equipment or parts? Do not worry, CAT has a very big aftermarket that can help you get just what you need at a cheaper price.

How to Become a CAT Supplier

For you to become a Caterpillar supplier, there are basic requirements that you need to have attained. If you already have this requirements, you can then go to the Caterpillar portal online and register. During the registration company, you will be able to pitch your company and help CAT machines know more about you. Also, you will be required to fill all the fields that have been listed on the registration page. After this you will be required to upload some official documents, as will be requested after following the link in the confirmation email.

photo credit: IMG_8752 via photopin (license)