Heavy equipment is also referred to as heavy machinery, heavy vehicles, heavy hydraulics, and engineering or construction equipment. They refer to the heavy duty equipment that is used earthwork operations and other construction works. Most of the heavy equipment operates through a simple machine that provides them with mechanical advantage. However, others operate through hydraulic drives. CAT is the leading company when it comes to manufacture and distribution of heavy equipment. The company utilizes dealers located in over 200 countries globally. This dealers enhance the distribution of CAT heavy equipment making it cheaper and easier for CAT to reach its end consumers. Additionally, the company has a branch that solely deals with matters of distribution. It regulates distribution activities, making sure that they run smoothly. CAT has a wide variety of machinery under its heavy equipment category. All perform different functions.

Examples of CAT Heavy Equipment and their Functions

• Backhoe Loaders
This cat heavy equipment contains a unit similar to a tractor. Additionally, it is fitted with a backhoe at the back. And, in the front, it is fitted with a shovel. They are mostly used to dig ditches, lay foundation for pipes, dig drainage systems and even set up foundations for buildings. They are most popular for this activities due to their compactness. Also, it can be used for multiple purposes. Thus, you don’t need to switch machines.

• Excavators

Excavators are made of multiple parts such as, a cab held by a rotating platform, boom, bucket and a sticker. They are used for digging holes, moving heavy materials and even mining.

• Harvesters
Harvesters also make for heavy equipment. They are used to increase the speed and ease of harvesting. They help cut on harvesting costs, by reducing the labor required.


Heavy equipment are an integral part of any construction or engineering works. They require that they be handled by skilled operators. The operators, must have undergone some form of training to equip them with knowledge on how to handle its movement and its different parts. This equipment tend to be very expensive. Therefore, you can always try to minimize costs of repairs and maintenance by looking for cheaper parts for caterpillar. This is by looking for used heavy equipment parts for sale. This can be achieved through the easy procedure of caterpillar part search online.

photo credit: 100_0910 via photopin (license)