Caterpillar construction in Miami is quite common and there are a variety of companies that lease and sell caterpillar equipment. The Ring Power Corporation is loacred within the hheart of Miami. The company does sell and lease a large inventory of caterpillar equipment. Ring Power Corporation has an inventory which includes heavy equipment, power systems, cranes as well as lift trucks. In addition, Ring has 18 branch locations throughout Florida. Ring Power Corporation is one of the largest equipment distributers on the east coast.

Ring Power Corporation has a huge inventory which includes:

  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Paving Equipment
  • Waste Equipment
  • Power Lift Trucks

Heavy outdoor construction involves digging, moving rocks, transferring dirt from one location to another. Earth moving equipment is versatile and can almost any large construction type job. Replacement parts for earth moving equipment can always be ordered.

Wheel Dozers/ Paving Equipment are in demand within the construction industry

Wheel Dozers provide mobility, speed and strength. In addition, machinery of this kind is designed to complete a variety of outdoor tasks. Large Wheel Dozers have power up to about 904-hp. Heavy equipment parts can be easily ordered and delivered within 48 hours. A Wheel Dozer is certainly considered heavy equipment. Paving Equipment is frequently used in new road construction. Road maintenance and resurfacing require reliable outdoor equipment. Asphalt Pavers provide high horsepower as well as excellent mobility. In addition, equipment of this nature provides excellent traction when engaging in difficult outdoor paving jobs. Paving equipment can have a horsepower up to 224 hp.

Cold Planers provide excellent power and at the same time emissions remain quite low. In addition, Cold Planners provide excellent cutting efficiency and have a built in water spray system which effectively controls dust. Dust can pose a huge problem when working outdoor construction. Dust can become trapped within the lungs and cause a person a host of problems. The majority of companies that sell and lease caterpillar equipment in Florida offer new part replacement options as well as financing and field service. Financing is something that is offered to any business that qualifies.

Part Searches/Part Dealers

A cat parts dealer can be easily located by completing a simple and basic Google or Yahoo Internet search. Cat parts are available at a variety of distributors throughout the Miami Florida. area. Prices may vary however, most dealers will work with you so they can offer competitive prices. If you are in need of a particular part, a caterpillar part search cab be quite helpful. A part search can easily be done by entering the parts number into the computer and wait for the return result. The part number is either printed on the actual part itself or somewhere on an invoice. Search results may be obtained within seconds.

photo credit: Sarasota Construction – Caterpillar 349F Excavator Working via photopin (license)