Let us look at what heavy equipment is used for. Heavy equipment is used in places that a man or a group of men cannot do the job using man power. Man power pertains to lifting heavy objects, moving heavy bulky loads, digging of massive amounts of earth. The use of heavy equipment saves billions in time cost. As heavy equipment can move earth and objects in much less time than man power can. Heavy equipment is used in construction, transportation, and manufacturing. In the 19th century all types of heavy moving and excavation was done via, horse drawn equipment. This equipment was extremely heavy and cumbersome. Therefore multiple teams of mules, or draft horses were attached by harness to the equipment to pull or move it. After the 20th century the steam engine was invented and took the place of the horses drawn equipment.

Modern day Heavy Machinery

The heavy equipment of today’s modern world uses large diesel engines, steel, tracks and hydraulics to work. The largest name in heavy equipment is Caterpillar. Caterpillar makes everything from small excavators to massive earth haulers. The caterpillar can be found at a local Caterpillar Equipment Dealers. People who use Caterpillar equipment can also find heavy equipment parts for sale. All the dealer has to do is run the caterpillar part number search to find the part needed. From time to time parts do break or need to be replaced from wear and tear. Moreover, if the heavy equipment is inspected regularly it will prevent down time. Saving on the jobs overall downtime and repair cost keeps the construction on scheduled. In the following section we will look at some kinds of heavy equipment and what it is used for.

  • Caterpillar On and Off Highway Trucks
  • Caterpillar Wheeled and Tracked drive Loaders
  • Caterpillar Earth Haulers
  • Caterpillar Bull Dozers

Equipment Uses

Caterpillar on and off road truck are used to haul heavy loads like parts. Or these big trucks can move several yards of dirt at one time. Caterpillar wheeled and tracked loaders can dig up the earth and then uses a bucket to load the earth onto the trucks. Caterpillar earth haulers these vehicles are sometimes referred to as Utes. The Utes can move extremely heavy loads making for faster building or removal times.\ A Caterpillar bull dozer can push and tear up massive amounts of earth. The Hugh blade digs into the earth and then pushes it forward. The massive diesel engine easily pushes the dirt wherever it needs to be.

photo credit: IMG_0207 via photopin (license)