Heavy equipment can make a lot of jobs far easier than relying on just manpower. A Caterpillar tractor, for example, can move a lot of earth in a short time that would take a virtual army of men days to move However, heavy equipment needs to be maintained, and requires its own crew; there is the problem of where to get the parts. After all, the equipment can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, so it helps to know where to get replacement parts as needed. Fortunately Caterpillar makes it easy for owners to stock parts for when they are needed.

Some Basic Issues

  • Always keep a few parts in stock. Parts that are replaced frequently should be kept in inventory, such as springs, nuts, and bolts. Tires should also be debated as they are hard to replace and can keep the tractor offline far longer than expected.
  • Know the Caterpillar part number when ordering. It may sound simple, but a lot of time is wasted because the customer service person may order the wrong part because it was based on a description, and more time is wasted as the part is returned and replaced. Knowing the number of the part to begin with eliminates all of that.
  • Keep an eye out for Caterpillar parts for sale. If you know which parts you need, a sale may be the perfect time to purchase them. Make sure that the parts are in good condition in order to not waste time and money on replacing the part. Keep in mind that heavy equip parts can be expensive, so it helps to save money when possible.

Keeping Your Inventory Safe

Keep in mind that just having an inventory is not enough. You also need to take basic precautions in order to ensure that your parts will be ready when you need them. Organized shelving is a good start, as well as some sort of inventory system. They should be kept in a dry area with minimal humidity in order to fend of rusting and corrosion. A decent security system is also advised given the investment involved. The inventory should be inspected every so often, both to make sure that the inventory is complete as well as in working order. The more secure your inventory is, the more ready it will be when you need it, and that can mae all the precautions worth it.

photo credit: CAT D7H-II 2 via photopin (license)