CAT is the world’s largest manufacturer for mining and construction equipment, all kinds of engines, diesel-electric locomotives and gas turbines. Additionally, it also offers insurance services, distribution consultation and financial services as its secondary business. Caterpillar was formed in the year 1925 as a result of a merger between Holt manufacturing company and C. L. Best Tractor Company. Initially, the company was named the Caterpillar Tractor Company. However, it was later changed to Caterpillar Inc. to incorporate all aspects of business. The current CAT Inc. has its headquarters in Peorial, IL, in the United States. CAT sells its products to over 200 countries worldwide. In addition, it has over 220 dealers all over the world. Therefore, if you are looking for supplier CAT to purchase heavy equipment accessories or aftermarket heavy equipment parts, you will easily find one in or near your locality.

CAT Product Line

CAT can be said to play a role in all of the following industries;

• Construction Industry
CAT is the biggest manufacturer for equipment used both in the construction of buildings and infrastructure. This company supplies machinery for both heavy and light constructions and also provides the various accessories for its machinery.

• Resources Industry
CAT contributes to the resources industry by manufacturing and distributing machinery used in mining. The company sells all kinds of mining equipment ranging from drills to electric rope shovels.

• Energy and Transport
CAT works with a wide variety of industries providing them with energy and transport products. They manufacture gas turbines, engines and diesel-electric locomotives.

• Financial Services
CAT Financial is the segment set aside to purely deal with the provision of financial services. These services are aimed at financing retailers, wholesalers or dealers who would like to purchase CAT products.


Caterpillar gains a competitive edge over its competitors by maintaining a superior distribution channel all over the world. Not only does this help it cut on costs, but it also helps the company get a very wide market coverage. Additionally, it creates very strong relations with all its dealers. This is by supporting them, for example, through financial aid. And, that is not all. Caterpillar has acquired some very reputable companies over its years of existence. This way, it has automatically acquired clients from this companies. Another strength of Caterpillar is that its products are not limited to one industry. This way, if in one area it’s not doing well, it can always be compensated by another.

photo credit: Sunrise in Santa Clarita, California via photopin (license)