Heavy equip parts have a variety of industrial uses. Heavy equipment parts can cover a wide range of industry specific equipment. In addition, many heavy equipment distributors sell new and refurbished equipment to industries. Distributors carry a variety of new and reconditioned parts including, case equipment, caterpillar parts, wheel ladder parts, excavation parts, tractor parts and much more. Agricultural organizations and construction companies are possibly the largest purchasers of heavy duty parts and equipment.

Distributors carry a selection of heavy equipment parts which may include:

  • Excavators.
  • Wheel Loaders.
  • Bulldozers.
  • Highway Truck Parts.

Parts for Caterpillar can easily be found at a heavy duty equipment retailer. Caterpillar parts can be purchased in new or used condition. For example, parts for a Caterpillar 330-DL can easily be located through a local heavy equipment parts distributor. The Caterpillar 854-G is an efficient piece of machinery that will require replacement parts sooner or later. Heavy equipment distributors should also have necessary parts for the 854-G in stock.

Heavy equipment used parts for sale are priced according to make, brand, model. Heavy equipment parts for sale are usually available as used or new parts. For example, a bulldozer may need a new bed lift cylinder or tire rim. Therefore, the parts distributor would do their best in an attempt to locate the most reasonably priced parts for the customer. Excavator parts are always needed. Buckets, attachments, pins and links are common parts which are frequently requested. In addition, bulldozer parts always seem to be in demand also. Bulldozer parts may include rollers, track spring, ripper, sprockets and much more.

Manufacturer Parts

Parts by a variety of manufacturers are also readily available. Manufacturers include Caterpillar, Daewoo, Hitachi, Kobelco, Hyundai and many more. Some manufacturer parts can be special ordered. Kobelco parts are now available at a variety of distributors. Parts may include axle’s cylinders, final drives, engines, transmissions and swing motors. It is important that the person or company states weather they are looking for used or reconditioned parts.

Heavy Equipment (Summary)

Heavy equipment parts play an important in keep some of the most commonly used machines in working condition. Some distributors may be willing to work out special prices or even discounts. Once an organization establishes a relationship with a heavy equipment distributor they will more than likely get better deals. Even heavy equipment parts that are refurbished can last a considerable amount of time. New equipment parts always have written guarantees. You may even be able to get some type of guarantee on used or refurbished parts.

photo credit: Construction Equipment via photopin (license)