Construction involves both roads and buildings and may entail repairs or new projects. A Miami contractor needs to use appropriate equipment regarding size and type. Proper equipment together with qualified personnel is economical, safe, speedy and overall projects of high quality. When choosing the equipment to use a contractor requires one that is efficient and effective and one that will not cause any delay in project completion. Caterpillar is a company that delivers high-end quality equipment for every stage of construction and thus, should be a choice for a wise contractor. There are varieties of construction equipment from Caterpillar that one can choose from to make work easy.

Construction equipment available from Caterpillar

Construction equipment may be categorized in four categories-:

  • Earth moving
  • Construction vehicles
  • Material handling
  • Construction equipment

Earth moving equipment are used to dig foundations and shift large amounts of earth, and they are- bulldozers, excavators, compressors, motor graders and scrapers among others. Construction vehicles carry bulk materials and examples are-: dumpers, trailers, and tippers among others. Material handling equipment involves lifting, lowering and lifting materials from one location to the other, they include cranes, forklifts, hoists and conveyors among others. Construction equipment has several tasks depending on the particular equipment examples are tunneling and handling equipment, spraying and plastering machines, concrete mixers, road rollers, stone crushers, pavers, compactors and heavy duty pumps among others. The list is endless as there are specialized CAT equipment for construction no matter the task whether hauling, pumping you name it, and you will surely get it.

Why choose Caterpillar?

They have several dealers in Miami who will meet your needs whether you want to rent, lease or buy new equipment thus your required equipment is readily available. The dealers normally have a heavy equipment inventory declaration that has in it the number of equipment sold, rented and leased among other requirements. It is important to look for authorized Caterpillar parts dealers if you only need a part or even used equipment. The company has experience of many years and thus quality is guaranteed. Miami dealers should be CAT certified to offer any maintenance and repair services; this is because not just any aftermarket heavy equipment parts should be used on CAT equipment. Caterpillar manufacturers offer parts for their heavy equipment guaranteeing value and quality.
For all your construction equipment requirements, partner with the best manufacturer across the globe.

photo credit: Morooka Track Dump 2200 via photopin (license)