Pantropic Power is one of Miami’s finest Caterpillar parts distributers. Pantropic is all about customer satisfaction. The company has a huge inventory of caterpillar as well as OEM parts to meet the demanding needs of the client. The company offers heavy equipment parts for sale and rental. Special parts can also be ordered. Heavy equipment parts can involve a variety of high tech equipment and parts needed to keep their equipment operational. Pantropic offers the convenience of 24-houur emergency parts availability. In addition, the company has a total of four locations throughout the Miami area. If one location does not have a part available Pantropic will have the part sent from another location as soon as possible. Parts can be shipped to customers the very same day they are ordered. Pantropic Power specializes in:

  • Vocational Trucks.
  • CAT Power Systems.
  • Power Generation Rentals.
  • Certified Maintenance & Repair Services.
  • CAT Marine Propulsion Service.

Caterpillar Large Inventory

The company carries a full line of Caterpillar as well as OEM parts that can ultimately replace all power system requirements. Pantropic Power is certified and meets “Caterpillar Clean Repair” standards. Pantropic Power has parts for your industrial truck, marine or RV engine. In addition, the company has a skilled staff of highly trained technicians available to assist with technical issues or inquiries. In addition, clients have the ability to e-mail inquiries directly to General Product Support if necessary.

The main Miami headquarters recently added a brand new CNC Room. In addition, Pantropic is one of the few companies that offers an “Integrated Power Solution” that will assist in the use and understanding of electrical energy. Pantropic Power is the only Caterpillar supplier in Florida that has an closed pump test loop. In addition, all services are guaranteed for up to five years. All engines are serviced by trained specialists that use only high tech diagnostic tools.

Special Services Offered

The company stresses the importance of back-up generators especially when national disasters occur. Therefore, for a limited time Pantropic is offering generator rentals to serve as a back-up tool for both commercial and industrial operations. Generators will allow power to work when a blackout occurs. Because Pantropic is considered one of Miami’s best Caterpillar distributers, the majority of Caterpillar parts are assigned special location numbers. Therefore, the Caterpillar part numbers can help the technician better locate a specific new or used part. The part number should be printed next to the part or product description.

Both new and used equipment rentals are available through Pantropic Power. Parts warranties can be extended depending upon circumstances. Parts requests can be submitted to Pantropic through their website.

photo credit: CAT 725 via photopin (license)