There are a number of businesses that are looking to get the best parts for their equipment and machinery. When looking to get the parts they need one of the best vendors available is Caterpillar. With Caterpillar, construction companies will have a vendor who offers a wide selection of parts. This wide selection of parts allows businesses to ensure that they get what they need in order to more efficiently operate the various forms of equipment. As a result a businesses will have the ability to be more productive and get tasks done in a more timely manner.


Businesses in the construction industry can get a wide variety of catapillar parts. These parts include exchange parts, used parts and also heavy equipment parts. By considering the many parts in these categories, businesses will be sure to evaluate and purchase a wide range of items that will help make their machinery and equipment run better.

• Exchange Parts

The first kind of parts that you can purchase from catapillar is exchange parts. These are the fundamental parts that you can purchase for your equipment. For businesses there are a number of options that you can choose from which include fan drives, hydraulic cylinders, pump drives, rod packs and accumulators. These parts are available for businesses to either repair or replace the old parts from their equipment.

Used Parts

Another type of parts that you can get from Catapillar is used parts. These are the same as exchange parts but they have been used before. However they are much cheaper and allow businesses to save money on these important items. They are also heavily inspected and tested before being sold so you will be sure to use parts that work properly. Therefore it would be a good idea to consider getting used parts if you are looking to get replacement parts at a low cost.

• Parts for equipment

Businesses that seek parts will benefit by getting ones for heavy equipment. Since construction companies use heavy equipment to complete jobs they will need high quality parts. Fortunately Catapillar offers a wide range of parts that you can purchase for these various forms of equipment.


When looking to get heavy machinery parts you will have a very simple process to go through. All you will need to do is pick the parts you want, the quantity and then you will be sent to checkout. There you will pay for the parts with a credit card or debit card and have them shipped within a few days. This process also works whenever you are looking to get heavy equipments used parts as well.

photo credit: Idler group parts : heavy equipment/machinery engines idler group spares via photopin (license)