Caterpillars are important equipment in the construction industry. These are the primary services offered by most heavy equip parts dealers in Miami.

Hydraulic Hose Repairs

The Miami caterpillar equipment parts dealers can take your faulty hydraulic hoses and rectify it on the spot. With their vast collection of hose sizes and connectors, they can evaluate your hydraulic hose and then supply you with another match with the right fittings. They also recycle and reuse your old hose couplings hence saving you a lot of money and hustle. In their installation process, they blow foam through their hoses to flush out any unwanted metal filings that may be stuck in the new hose and form a coat to ensure that your equipment engine is not contaminated. They also stockĀ heavy equipment used parts for sale.

Ground Engaging Tools

They offer an assortment of Ground Engaging Tools to meet your construction needs and applications. Maybe you are into professional landscaping, highway and street construction, commercial site preparation or water and sewer installation. These professionals have the attachment to reduce the utility and value of your equipment.

Quality Undercarriage

The Miami Caterpillar dealers offer complete service, repair as well as parts for your equipment with the undercarriage. Whether it is a bulldozer, hydraulic excavator, rubber-tracked construction equipment or a Forestry machines, they can assist you to keep your machines operating at peak and optimal capacity.

Product Safety

These Miami equipment dealers are committed to assisting you in offering information to make your construction sites, workstations and even your employees as safe as you can. They also have a pretty strong human resource with Caterpillar with excellent training materials. Here are some few services that are offered by their major partner at Caterpillar to maximize safety awareness at your premises or job site

  • Product Safety
  • Product manuals
  • Toolbox talks
  • Site Safety
  • Improvement workshops
  • Consulting Services
  • Virtual walk arounds
  • Supervisor Training
  • Product Support Sales Representatives

They are pleased to give you the services and expertise of their Product Support Sales Representatives. The dealers play a vital role in making sure that your CatĀ© Machine is properly maintained and can help you in recommending parts or services that your equipment needs for maximum performance.

photo credit: Cat Cold Planer via photopin (license)