Heavy equipment parts distributor offers heavy parts of machinery, and surplus heavy equipment to several contractors in various fields like the farming sector, marine sector, the forestry sector and the construction sector. The distributors of the heavy machinery also serve many other industrial sectors in Miami. The stock kept for supply is usually used, reconditioned or new.

All the heavy equipment usually operates with a given life expectancy period. When the equipment functional life comes to an end, it is stripped of its functionality. At this point when the machine is taken out of service, most of its parts are considered to be functional but it doesn’t operate as a unit. Most of the contractors in Miami search for the equipment parts and keep them in their job stations and yards. Afterwards, they deliver those parts when they are in demand.

Caterpillar parts

The job sites in Miami may run smoothly until challenges like leaking of the tractor hose, breaking of the cylinder on the front-end loader or the breaking of the gear tooth on the tractor transmission present themselves. In such situations, the equipment part dealers’ inventory is taken into account in order to resolve the problems in Miami. This is effected through making quick phone calls to the caterpillar parts dealers.
The contractors on the job site, contact the equipment distributors and give a description of the caterpillar parts of the equipment they are using on the job site. The distributor will then do a caterpillar part number search and then offer the equipment to the contractors from their inventory. There is no limitation on the heavy equipment which are kept in the inventory. Apart from offering the caterpillar parts, they offer machinery parts from most of the major manufacturers including;

• Volvo
• Case
• Hitachi

Buying, replacement or reconditioning

Most of the contractors in Miami have a fleet of equipment used in construction works. When the machinery stops functioning, they have to make a decision on what to do with the faulty machinery and equipment. The decision depends on whether the contractors in Miami want to replace parts of the machinery to keep it running, buying reconditioned equipment and parts of the machinery or buying new equipment of machinery. These decisions depend on the time when the machinery has broken down and the severity of the problem.

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