Caterpillar is the one of the world’s leading manufacturer of mining and construction equipment, engines and locomotives. There are several Caterpillar suppliers within and around Miami, who deal with CAT equipment. Which are the available Caterpillar equipment? They are articulated trucks, pavers, loaders, excavators, graders, tractors, planers, scrapers, material handlers, compactors and pumps among others. Whichever area a customer is involved in whether it is in agriculture, site development, land clearing, mining, waste disposal, quarry, construction or forestry, a supplier CAT will be of help. Just as highlighted above, the suppliers are several and thus a customer needs to find the best of them all. How do you ensure you make the best choice?

What does the supplier offer?

Depending on your preference and affordability of an item, one will be able to choose from the several suppliers. To make the right decision you need to know what is on offer. Almost all the suppliers have the following to offer-:
• New CAT equipment for sale.
Heavy equipment spare parts
Used CAT parts for sale and used equipment.
• Repair and maintenance services.
• Rental and lease services.
From the above it is easy to choose what one requires which would be subject to the work ahead of them, for example, a construction contractor will find it cheaper to buy equipment for site development other than renting the same though they may find leasing cheaper. A farmer on the other hand who tills their land once every year would rather rent a tractor.

What makes a Miami CAT supplier the best?

Other than affordability, one needs to look out for several things and make the right decision. One essential thing to check out is whether the supplier is an authorized Caterpillar dealer this would ensure that they get quality products. The second thing is to scrutinize the product support, which may involve maintenance of the product, insurance, and warranties offered. The dealer should offer CAT certified repair and maintenance services, and this means that the dealer has professionals on the ground an added advantage to any entity. A customer should opt for a supplier who is reliable and efficient, which means that they deliver an order promptly without delays or repairs and maintains your equipment quickly. The reputation and experience of the dealer are very vital, and a dealer with a bad reputation should be a no go zone. If you need to experience the best service and CAT products, do some research before settling for a particular Miami Caterpillar supplier.

photo credit: DiGregorio PRM (106) via photopin (license)