Knowing when you need new Caterpillar parts and when used parts better suit your needs helps when you call your cat parts dealer. It can save a lot of time if you can tell the parts counter you are looking for used or new parts specifically. Deciding whether you want new or used parts comes down to the main differences between new and used equipment parts.

Some of the differences between new and used parts that may affect your decision include:

Cost of new and used parts

The price difference between new and used parts may be negligible. A new part might be a good option depending on what you are planning to replace. Minor parts might be cheap enough that you would not consider buying a used part to save just a few dollars. Major parts like transmissions or implements cost a great deal more. In some cases, a new part might be more than you wish to spend due to:

  • Price of labor
  • Value of machine
  • Budget for repair


Availability of your heavy equipment parts can affect whether you need a new or used part. An older machine may be less likely to still have original parts being produced. This will limit the chances of you finding the new part. Used parts may not be available for your specific piece of equipment. Checking availability of used parts first can save time. A caterpillar part search done at the parts department can help in deciding what type of part you need for your equipment.

Differences in warranties for new and used parts

New parts typically have a superior warranty. Check for a warranty on used parts when making your decision. Spending a little more for a new part makes sense simply because it comes with assurance that the part will work longer. You may end up buying a second used part because the used part doesn’t last and isn’t backed by a good warranty. New parts warranties range from three months to two years. Typical warranties on used parts range from 30 to 90 days.

photo credit: Sarasota Construction – Hydraulic Excavator and Truck via photopin (license)