When shopping for heavy equip parts you will want to find a supplier who offers the widest selection as well as the best prices. Fortunately for construction companies Catapillar is one company that you can depend on for various parts for heavy machinery. When looking to get parts for heavy equipment from Catapillar, construction companies will have a number of new and used parts available to choose from. They will also have a wide range of prices as well. Therefore businesses in the construction industry will want to consider using Catapillar as its main supplier for this particular need.


One of the things about Catapillar is that it offers a wide selection of caterpillar equipment parts. These parts are unique and serve a wide range of purposes for businesses. Among the most common parts available are exchange parts, used parts and parts for heavy equipment. With this selection, businesses can take advantage of a number of items to ensure that their equipment is always working at its best.

• Exchange Parts

The first type of parts that businesses often look to purchase are exchange parts. These are the basic parts that are purchased for heavy equipment. Among the types of exchange parts that you can purchase include fan drives, accumulators and hydraulic cylinders. These parts help make equipment operate efficiently and enable construction workers to lift and transport heavy objects with ease and efficiency.

• Used Parts

Construction companies looking to get parts will benefit by getting parts that have already been used in the past. The used parts have been tested and inspected so they are confirmed to be in excellent working condition. They are also very inexpensive so that you can get the parts you need at a more affordable price.

• Tools & other equipment

As well as getting regular parts for heavy equipment, construction companies can also get tools as well. These tools can be used to operate the equipment as well as repair it. Therefore it will be a good idea to consider the tools when looking to buy items from Caterpillar.


Once you have found the ideal parts for your equipment you will then want to know how to purchase it. Fortunately you will just need to follow a simple process. First you will need to find the part you want as well as the caterpillar part number. After finding this information you will just need to place your order and pay for the parts with a credit card. You will then have the parts shipped to you.

photo credit: Can You Dig This? via photopin (license)