Rebuilding Caterpillar parts is something that has developed into a common practice. Rebuilt parts are refurbished by the original manufacturer. Rebuilding certain Caterpillar parts are more difficult than others. Rebuilt parts will save the consumer some money. Rebuilt Cat parts can last a long period of time. Sometimes warranties are offered with refurbished parts. Common rebuilt parts include starters, engines, oil coolers and crank shafts. Rebuilt starters almost always have brand new gaskets. Rebuilt oil coolers almost contain brand new tube bundles and end sheets. Rebuilt cranks always have a new surface finish which is very noticeable. Engines of course are the most complex to rebuild. Rebuilt engines almost always have new gaskets, as well as anti-friction bearings.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment parts may include engines, axles, C-frame transmissions, tires, rubber tracks and much more. Caterpillar equipment parts are one of the most popular names within the heavy duty equipment industry. Caterpillar has many heavy equipment parts for sale.

Equipment parts available for sale may include:

  • Turbochargers.
  • Final Drives.
  • Torque Converters.
  • Undercarriage Components.

Part Numbers Are Critically Important

Caterpillar part numbers are special identification numbers that are assigned to various pieces of equipment and components. If an organization is in need of a new crank case, they can simply supply the special identification number to the manufacturer for quick reference.

All Caterpillar parts and components are programmed into the company inventory list by number. Identification numbers help to quickly identify almost any part within the entire inventory list. Part numbers make the customers as well as the manufacturers job a great deal easier. Part numbers should tell the manufacturer almost instantly if an item is out of stock. In addition, these very important numbers will also tell the manufacturer when the new part will arrive at the store.
Some rebuilt parts can be almost as good as purchasing a brand new part. However, rebuilt parts will be less expensive. Therefore, from an economical standpoint rebuilt parts may be a better choice for business owners. For example, a rebuilt engine is far less expensive than a brand new engine. Some rebuilt parts do come with some kind of warranty.

photo credit: PKW-VI_DSC_0924 via photopin (license)