For many heavy equipment owners, having to repair your equipment can be very expensive. It is expensive to have the equipment repaired because heavy equipment parts often tend to weigh more than automobile parts. In addition, the parts can also be very expensive. For this reason, aftermarket parts are often the best option to purchase. This is because aftermarket parts often much cheaper than original parts. Therefore, it is a very big economic advantage to heavy equipment owners such as cities, counties, and construction companies. In addition, it is also a huge economic advantage for places that specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy equipment.

What are Caterpillar Aftermarket Parts?

Caterpillar aftermarket parts are parts for Caterpillar heavy equipment vehicles that were produced after the original date of manufacture that the vehicles were made. For example, a Caterpillar bulldozer was manufactured in 2008. In 2010, another manufacturer makes Caterpillar parts that are exactly the same but under a different brand name and for less cost. Basically, they are exactly the same parts and are comparable to the original factory parts. However, they cost a lot less to purchase. Therefore, these aftermarket heavy equipment parts have many advantages to them.

Advantages of Aftermarket Parts:
• Less expensive to manufacture
• Less expensive to purchase
• Ability to manufacture larger quantities
• Easier to purchase in bulk at a discounted price

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Surplus Parts

Many people do not realize the advantages of purchasing surplus Caterpillar parts. However, they are often losing out on some excellent purchasing opportunities by not considering this buying option. For instance, surplus parts are often deeply discounted because there is too much inventory. This is because there is way too much stock and the manufacturer or distributor wants to sell them quickly. They will often run a huge sale on items that they have too many of. In addition, if the parts are not selling well they will often be placed on sale. They will do this in order to try and recover some of the money lost. Sometimes they items are put on clearance for this reason. It could also be because the manufacturer or distributor has decided to discontinue the items. In the case of heavy equipment accessories, sometimes there will be a discount if you buy more than one of a particular item. For example, buy one and get the second item at half price. Another way is to encourage the buyer to purchase two of the same item for a reduced combined price. All of these factors are very good reasons to purchase aftermarket or surplus parts and accessories.

photo credit: Ferma KW T800 Heavy Hauler via photopin (license)