Caterpillar equipment has been around since 1925. A lot has been added to the Cat brand since its small beginnings. The vast array of equipment ranges from mini-excavators and backhoes to earth movers and bulldozers. The sheer number of parts that Cat has manufactured for its equipment lines over the last century can be a bit staggering. Caterpillar distributors serve as your best bet for finding the correct part. Plus, they offer everything imaginable for the heavy equipment industry. Caterpillar distributors offer heavy equipment sales and rental as well as parts for caterpillar.

Distributor equipment

If you think you might want to get a piece of Cat equipment, distributors offer all varieties of machines. New and used equipment is available at Cat distributors. You also have options for renting machines. Distributors have access to surplus heavy equipment as well.

Distributor parts

A Caterpillar distributor can use a Caterpillar part number search to find the Caterpillar part that you need. It may be on their shelf, or any number of other distributors in the distributor network can get it to you quickly. Parts provided by distributors include:

  • New parts
  • Reman parts
  • Used parts

Offering this variety of options helps the buyer get the part that best suits their needs for their repair.

Distributor accessories

Aside from replacement parts, Cat distributors offer accessories such as cutting edges and attachments for your machine. You can get new and used implements to add to your equipment from the distributor as well.

Distributor information

If you aren’t sure what part you actually need, Cat distributors have access to parts catalogs and diagrams. Matching up the part you need on a diagram provided by the Cat distributor can help reduce error. Most Cat distributors have a lot of experience in making sure you get the right parts. They can help you locate serial numbers on machines and have access to specs on parts to help you match the part you need. Cat distributors can also give you support in other ways. They provide general information about parts and procedures specific to the part you order.

photo credit: IMG_0173 via photopin (license)