There are a variety of caterpillar part suppliers within the immediate Miami area. For example, Kelly Tractor has a large selection of heavy duty landfill equipment, paving & concrete equipment, cranes, CAT equipment and much more. Kelly Tractor all stocks a variety of portable tools. Demolition and scrap equipment machinery is also available for short term rental. Kelly Tractor is located on 8255 NW 58th Street in Miami. The website can answer a great deal of consumer questions and inquiries. Kelly Tractor has one of the largest inventories of heavy equipment accessories.

Ring Power Lift Trucks offers a large inventory of surplus caterpillar parts at discounted prices. Ring Power has a variety of forklifts, tractors as well as caterpillar parts. If you are in need of heavy duty equipment and don’t wish to pay full price then Ring Power may be the place for you. Ring Power Forklift is conveniently located on 3400 NW 77th Court within the heart of Miami.


If you have a specific caterpillar part number that gives you a huge advantage when attempting to locate your caterpillar part. Many dealers assign certain part numbers to their caterpillar inventory. Part numbers can locate parts and machinery fairly quickly. In addition, the part number will tell the dealer right of way whether or not they are out of stock on a particular caterpillar part.

Cat Parts is a supplier of replacement parts for caterpillar equipment. The company offers replacement parts as well as exceptional service. All parts undergo an intensive inspection process to ensure quality and performance.

  • Turbochargers
  • Crankshafts
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Costex specialties

In addition, Costex also sells AMC Gasket kits. Gasket kits help you to quickly identify gaskets and seals. These helpful kits can help you determine whether or not a gasket or seal needs to be replaced. The company has 400,000 square feet of warehouse space in Miami.


Customers have the convenience of ordering from Costex 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Costex is an ISO Certified Company. Several delivery and pick up options are now being offered. Heavy machinery parts are always needed. It makes it much easier to be able to locate the part or piece of machinery you need by conducting a simple Internet search. Some of the best surplus caterpillar parts are located within the city of Miami.

photo credit: Remote Control Bulldozer, Replica via photopin (license)