Caterpillar Surplus parts Miami are available through a variety of distributors. The Seven Roads Group is a nationwide seller of heavy parts and equipment. In addition, Seven Roads also sells equipment for construction machines as well as parts. Seven Roads is considered the Number One surplus provider in Miami. Cat equipment parts are readily available. Cat parts can also be special ordered if necessary.


The Seven Roads carries a full line of rebuilt heavy equipment parts and they are an international parts dealer. The company has new heavy duty parts for sale. In addition, Seven Roads all stocks a complete inventory of rebuilt or refurbished parts. Equipment tracking service is also offered to ensure prompt delivery of your new parts or machinery. The Caterpillar Backhoe loader can be easily purchased new from Seven Roads. In addition, the Backhoe attachment for the Skid Steer is also available for around $8,500. Heavy equip parts such as the Caterpillar Backhoe loader is priced according to upgrade status and availability.

The Seven Roads is the number one surplus parts supplier for:

  • Heavy Duty Machinery.
  • Filters.
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Nuts & Bearings.
  • OEM & Replacement Parts.

Parts & Equipment Delivery

Cooling systems as well as OEM and replacement parts are always in demand. Cooling systems are available as new or rebuilt models. Many companies do order replacement parts to simply have on hand in case they are needed. Seven Roads has a complete heavy equipment inventory. Part of this inventory does include any new parts and equipment as well as rebuilt parts and equipment. Seven Roads can easily order parts or machinery from a different location and have it delivered to the Miami location within 24 hours. The customer will be notified when the new equipment order is received.

Some of the heavy duty equipment which has already been sold may be promptly displayed on the company website with a detailed description. Pick up as well as delivery options are available for Heavy duty equipment transportation. In addition, ocean freight service is available for delivery of International heavy equipment parts. Seven Roads offers delivery to 48 states with the US.

photo credit: 144-car ferry via photopin (license)