The heavy construction industry offers multiple equipment options. While many of these pieces of machinery appear similar in appearance and description, there are many distinctions that make the Caterpillar brand remain a consistent leader.. These distinctions can take Miami Construction to a whole new level. While price remains a driving factor in major construction equipment; it is vital to understand the differences between the cost of the physical equipment in relation to the bottom line. Often times Caterpillar equipment will not have the lowest price, but its efficiencies and capabilities will have a greater impact on the bottom line.

The Caterpillar Difference

While the first major investment to the customer is the purchase or rental of the equipment, other key factors should be considered before finalizing your decision. The entire project should be evaluated before equipment is selected. Considerations should include size of the job, expected man-hours, physical conditions, skilled labor required to complete the job and communication needs. Equipment is available to rent or purchase depending on the scope of the project. If construction needs dictate the ongoing use of a certain piece of heavy equipment then purchasing might be the most beneficial. Heavy equipment accessories like Augers, back-hoes, blades, digging buckets or grapple rake are always available to rent. Caterpillar offers a full line of accessories available by industry or equipment type. While there are many key components to consider, the following really define The Caterpillar Difference.

• Parts and Service- Replacement parts and service issues contribute to many unforeseen costs and lost job time. Caterpillar offers several options for equipment parts and service. Surplus Caterpillar Parts are excess factory parts that are brand new and available for customers to purchase at a discounted price. In addition, aftermarket heavy equipment parts are available. These parts can be brand-new, used or re-built and offer savings as well. Caterpillar has a world-wide network of certified Caterpillar repair and parts specialists to handle any need, big or small.

• Efficiency: Caterpillar combines the latest cutting-edge technology with well-engineered pieces of equipment. The result is equipment geared to maximize productivity and efficiency while maintaining cost-efficiency.

• Value: The Caterpillar line of products hold their value. Customers get the most for their trade or sale of their equipment.

• Customer Resources: Caterpillar customers are equipped with everything they need in order to get the most of their equipment as well as access to product specialists for any ongoing questions or concerns.

• Multiple Finance Options: Caterpillar has many finance options and programs along with various insurance options to meet their needs.

The Caterpillar Advantage: Digital Technology

Cat remains a leader in digital technology advancement and maintains the competitive edge to remain one step ahead in today’s competitive market. Their cutting edge technology enables the user to be able to pinpoint the location of all of their equipment, analyze the status of the project and make changes as needed to stay as close to schedule as possible, view fuel efficiency and measure productivity. This enables them to not only analyze current situations but evaluate previous jobs and conclude if the best equipment was chosen for the job, review any environmental factors that might have affected the job outcome and determine steps to increase efficiency on the next job. The edge they possess in digital advancements has the greatest affect on three major areas:

• Safety: Safety is pivotal in the heavy construction equipment industry. Caterpillar‘s digital technology not only helps prevent mishaps and accidents but can also detect new potential safety hazards at a job site.

• Efficiency: Less skilled labor is required to not only do the same job as before but provides the ability to do it better.

• Productivity: Employees are empowered to perform at a high level of productivity due to the measures taken ahead of time as a result of technology to accomplish the job with more ease and comfort.

photo credit: Sarasota Construction – Caterpillar RM350B Road Reclaimer via photopin (license)