Miami is the leader in cat equipment parts and has the largest heavy equipment inventory. Regardless of what Caterpillar parts or equipment you are looking to get, Miami is the distributor for you. We have all the necessary parts that you might be needing to get at competitive prices. Whether you are looking to repair an older Caterpillar or to repair a newer model, at Miami we have the replacement part that will work for you. We have cat replacement parts for all cat equipment and that includes Excavators, Dozers, Track Loaders, Motor Graders, Pipelayers and Backhoe Loaders or whatever cat equipment you own.

Competitively Priced Cat Parts

We know how important your Cat is to the success of your project. When your cat is broken or needs a replacement part, your project slows down. We have the parts to fit your needs and to get them to you fast. Whatever part you need, we have and priced to keep you working within your budget. Try us first when what your job needs is your cat working like it should by ordering your heavy equip parts from us. Some of our parts include:

  • Engines
  • Wheels
  • Undercarriages

Find What You Need In Miami

We are in business as a full line of cat distribution center. Our job is to keep your cat in good working condition by providing you with the right cat part for your machine. Let us talk it over with you when your cat needs repairs. We have various suggestions to make about your cat replacement needs. Our warehouse is ready and waiting to help you in making the right choice of parts and to ship them out to you quickly. If you have any questions or need some advice on your cat, call us for problem solving suggestions. We are in business to help cat owners by offering the best in cat replacement parts and service. Tell us your problem, and we will tell you the right part to get and get it to you at a price you can’t afford to miss.

photo credit: Cat Cold Planer via photopin (license)